About us

The TrustedSave is a foundation for life where we feel safe. As a global entity, The TrustedSave saves and transforms lives and takes action on issues facing global humanity, including: Animal Welfare, Climate Change, Emergency Relief, Equality & Human Rights, Food Aid Support, Learning Disabilities, Orphan Sponsorship, Poverty Support, Clean Water, Clothes Aids, Medical Aids and Turn violence into peace.


We work around the world to save lives, overcome poverty, eliminate suffering and achieve social justice by developing innovative and sustainable solutions that allow everyone to live in dignity.


Our vision is to seek a world of hope where everyone is provided the basic amenities of life and equal opportunities without discrimination.

Our Values

  • Integrity : We are committed to the highest ethical standards and strive to be honest, straightforward and fair. We hold ourselves accountable for doing the very best we can for those affected by disaster and for each other.
  • Flexibility: We adapt and overcome challenges to achieve shared goals. We approach our work with an open mind and the willingness to find the right solution.
  • Participation: We put everyone and their needs at the heart of what we do. We work together with volunteers, partners and supporters.
  • Learning: We champion continuous growth and development. We are driven to keep improving and exploring what we could do differently. We ask ourselves how we can be better for the people we serve.

What We Believe

We believe everyone deserves the right to a bright future and should be cared for and protected from pain, fear and hunger by working both locally and globally.