The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance globally is at unprecedented levels, exacerbated by  the COVID-19 pandemic.
How The Trusted Save  responds in emergencies

The Trusted Save  respond quickly. Our emergency response experts provide emergency public disinfection , shelter, water, sanitation, food.


Will you help vulnerable families protect themselves against coronavirus?



Soap. Masks. Hand sanitiser. Vital weapons against coronavirus. Across the country, hospitals are overrun and oxygen supplies are falling short of demand.



Across the world,  the most marginalised have been hit the hardest. From women and people with disabilities to informal and migrant workers.



We urgently need your help share life-saving health information on how to prevent catching or spreading coronavirus, as well as ensuring vulnerable families can access vital welfare and healthcare.



Your donation today will help provide frontline healthworkers with vital personal protective equipment.

We use approaches that protect people’s dignity, and build resilience and social cohesion in communities before, during and after an emergency.