Food Aid 

What Does Food Aid?
Food aid refers to the provision of food or cash to purchase food in times of emergency or to provide longer-term solutions in areas where food shortages exist.

A Global Food Crisis is Increasing Food Insecurity
Recent global challenges have reversed decades of progress made in the fight against poverty and hunger in low- and middle-income countries* around the world.

The war in Ukraine, inflation, fertilizer shortages, COVID-19, regional conflicts and extreme weather are colliding to create a global food crisis unlike any food crisis in the past.

Malnutrition, starvation and chronic health issues are a serious and potentially life-threatening reality for children living in poverty, and the increased food insecurity** has become an even more severe risk for the poor.

With households in emerging economies spending an average of 25% of their budgets on food — up to 40% in sub-Saharan Africa and 60% in Haiti — rising inflation is placing families in a desperate situation and perpetuating the cycle of generational poverty, especially the cycle of rural poverty.

“The cost-of-living impact is almost without precedent in a generation … and that is why it is so serious.” — UN Development Program
Based on current global food crisis and hunger forecasts, Compassion anticipates facing difficult food security issues for the next several years.

Over 821 million people go hungry every single day. .

Countless people do not know where their next meal is coming from and go to bed on empty stomachs. Even though there is enough food for everyone to eat, 25,000 people die every single day from hunger. Countries like Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Palestine are struggling more than ever due to war. Widespread and deep-rooted poverty in many countries across Africa and Asia has left millions without food.


Join us today and break the hunger by providing impoverished families around the world with access to nutritious food that can save their lives.

When we provide food to families, we don’t simply fill their stomachs, but we build their spirits and grant them the time to focus on progressing. With food at home, more people can work, study and truly thrive.

Your donation to the Global Food Crisis is needed now more than ever!

A world where no child goes to bed hungry is the goal. But right now, a global food crisis is erasing so much progress. You can help children and their families have food on their plates through this crisis.

How Compassion International Helps

Compassion is responding to the global food crisis with both immediate and long-term initiatives.

In the short term, Compassion provides food packages and/or cash transfers to families at risk of food insecurity.

Compassion supports long-term food security by equipping families with seeds, fertilizer, livestock and training on how to build and maintain home gardens, as well as how to increase food production through small family farming efforts.

Relief supplies are distributed through partnerships with local churches, which means aid is delivered by neighbors to neighbors. When help arrives, it’s a familiar face at the door.

Compassion’s local church partners also provide routine health screenings for children so our partners can respond immediately to new or developing nutritional needs.

These initiatives help families return to normal so children can experience healthy development and thrive in their God-given potential.

Join other food heroes to help address life-threatening hunger needs caused by the global food crisis and to provide:
  • Food kits that include essentials like rice, eggs, meat, milk, corn and other nonperishable dry goods.
  • Medical therapeutic feeding for babies, children or youth, caregivers and siblings.
  • Nutrition assistance for pregnant mothers and infants.
  • Preventive and income-generating activities that help address food insecurity long term.