Orphan sponsorship

What is orphan sponsorship? Child sponsorship is an effective way of giving that sets up a connection between a donor and a vulnerable orphan.

The Trusted Save believes that all children should have an equal chance to thrive.

The world can be a terrifying place with broken systems, global pandemics, conflicts and natural disasters. Now imagine what that would be like through the eyes of an orphaned or vulnerable child? Terrifying.

Many go hungry, living in dangerous conditions with no one to protect them. Without a mother or father to care of them, these children have become susceptible to abuse, neglect and many forms of exploitation. Many orphans are unfortunately exposed to extreme violence, as well as psychological and emotional distress after losing one or both of their parents.

Our orphan sponsorship program maintains a carefully developed approach to supporting orphans through every step of their growth and helping them overcome the hardships of their past.

Every single child is special and unique, and it is their human right to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment

No child should have to live such a bleak and painful life, but your donations can help elevate these children into a promising and hopeful future.

We will allocate a child for orphan sponsorship based on their circumstances and priority criteria.

Our donors receive full details and pictures of the orphan they are sponsoring. You can extend your sponsorship each year and will be notified when your first year comes to an end. You will be provided with regular report updates on the sponsored child’s health, education and personal well-being status. Some of our orphans also love to write letters to their donors!

We provide a high-quality education to all orphans we support, with the aim of encouraging each child to achieve their dreams and break cycles of poverty. They attend some of the best schools in their locality, with expert teaches and quality equipment and books. Education is the cornerstone of our Orphan Project.

The welfare and wellbeing of these children is always at the core of everything we do. We work to ensure every child we help grows up happy, healthy and well cared for. When care for an orphan with us, your support provides that child with all they need to flourish and grow such as healthcare, a quality education, food and clothing.