Animal Welfare

The threats to the natural world are huge. Our initial cases demand the right to liberty of self-aware, autonomous non-human beings who undeniably suffer when deprived of their freedom.

Billions of animals are killed every year by humans for the sake of our own benefit. In addition, they are also made to suffer in terrible ways. They are captured, or they are farmed in uncomfortable and stressful conditions, being forced to live lives of full of fear, pain, and boredom. They sometimes suffer from chronic diseases or injuries as well.

Human rights and non-human rights are based on fundamental values and principles of justice such as liberty, autonomy, equality, and fairness.

“It’s a Right to protect against intolerable wrongs—no matter who you are.”

Our goal is to seek to end global threats to the natural world with greater prosperity

How does The Trusted Save Help?

The Trusted Save is responding to global animal welfare:

  • With persistence and rigor, we Challenge and fight against the suffering of non-human animal lives under direct human influence, which reveals the physical and mental suffering of an animal.
  • Influencing decision makers and addressing cumulative, long-term, indirect and global consequences of Animal Welfare within the United Nations, and others animal welfare organisations around the world
  • Developing and putting into practice innovative and sustainable legislative solutions to human right and non-Human rights law that enable everyone to live with dignity in the world.
  • Protecting animals in disasters and including animals in disaster-relief programs
  • Educating the public on responsible pet ownership and their duty of care towards animals

  • Managing animal populations and disease control in the most humane manner available and acceptable by society
  • Considering animals in their wider ecological context and how decisions concerning animals impacts on wider society
  • Support Animal welfare organisations and the communities with foods, water, medicines, and other emergency assistance to animals in need.
  • Rescue animals in need and protection
  • Evacuate animals from danger and reunite animals and owners who have been separated
  • Promoting preventative healthcare and the practice of good veterinary standards including good pain management
  • Advocating both within the veterinary clinic and the community for the welfare of animals
  • Promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and non-human rights for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction.

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