Medical Aids

In today’s interconnected world, a health threat anywhere is a threat everywhere. A pathogen can travel from a remote village to major cities on all continents. 

Many people around the world cannot access essential medicines to treat diseases like infectious, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and others.

One reason for this is that many people cannot access the existing drugs and technologies they need. Even basic medicines, like antibiotics, may be too expensive for people in low income countries. They directly affect livelihoods and labour supply to the economy, trapping many in the poverty cycle. What’s more, a lack of adequate healthcare for children in these regions who need treatment for malnourishment.

Another reason many people around the world lack access to essential medicines is that little of the research and development on new drugs and technologies focuses on the diseases that have the largest impact on global health.

We believe everyone deserves to live a healthier, longer life.

Our global health ambition is to positively impact the health of people and protect people’s dignity with greater prosperity for all.

How does The Trusted Save Help?

The Trusted Save is responding to global medical aid by :

  • Supporting mental health, cancer, and medical assistance organizations and the community with medications, medical equipment, and services that people may reasonably need to maintain good health, including, at a minimum, emergency care and hospital medical care.

  • Conducting research and evaluation to inform policy and practice and contribute to medical aids

  • Influencing decision-makers and addressing cumulative, long-term, direct, indirect, and global consequences on medical aids within the United Nations, and other medical aids organisations around the world .
  • Support the victims of human rights abuse, and raise awareness of human rights.
  • Building hospitals and clinics, supplies existing centres with life-saving medicines and clinical equipment.
  • Providing ambulances in conflict zones to reach the most urgent cases of injury and illness.

  • Supporting women and girls, the sexual and reproductive health organization provides humanitarian assistance focused on meeting the health and protection needs of women, girls and young people and preventing and responding to gender-based violence, as well as integrated mental health services and psychosocial support.
  • Challenge unjust laws, policies and practices.

Join us today to protect and save the lives of vulnerable people with around the world

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