Clothing Aids

Poverty is not just not having enough money; health care, education, water and sanitation facilities, but also lack of access to clothing.

Not having access to clothes is absolute poverty.

World statistics confirm this conclusion today, people living in situations where they have very little or nothing to wear on a daily basis suffer from diseases.

Our goal is to seek to end world poverty and protect people’s dignity with greater prosperity for all.

How does The Trusted Save Help?

The Trusted Save is responding to global clothes Aid by:

  • Influencing decision-makers and addressing cumulative, long-term, indirect, and global consequences on clothing aids within the United Nations, and other clothing aids organisations around the world .
  • Provide clothing in situations where people have nothing to wear on a daily basis.

  • Supporting poverty, homelessness, refugee and asylum seeker organizations, and the communities with clothing they need.
  • Protecting the planet by collecting unwanted clothing ; it can play a part in reducing carbon emissions.
  • Challenge unjust laws, policies and practices.

Join us today and break poverty by giving poor families around the world what they need

Your donation to global clothes aids is needed now more than ever!

Please we cannot accept any donations. The organization hasn’t started yet